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Thanksgiving Eve Service

Ash Wednesday Communion Pick Up

2020 Lenten Schedule

February 26 (6:30pm) - Ash Wednesday - Preacher/Healer Arrive In Galilee

March 4 (6:30pm) - Jesus Heals The Sick

March 11 (6:30pm) - Jesus Calms The Storm

March 18 (6:30pm) -  Jesus Walks On Water- Cancelled

March 25 (6:30pm) - Jesus Raises The Dead!?!- Cancelled

April 1 (6:30pm) - Jesus Turns Tables At The Temple- Cancelled

April 9, Maundy Thursday. (6:30pm )- Jesus Arrested After Secret Meeting

April 10, Good Friday (7:00pm) - Traveling Prophet Killed

Sunday April 12, Easter (7:00am & 9:30am) NO Sunday School